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Hen Party Cakes

Ave Your Cake Can Create many types of Fun Hen Party Cakes,  
Cupcakes decorated with Doves & Wedding Rings  and Novelty Saucy pieces, 
Large cakes can have People included in all types of Positions and Attire,  
Adult humour and XXX  style can be catered for. ( Tastefully Done )
All that is Girlie -ie.
Hand Bags, Shoe's, Cosmetic Items and Toys, Sports, Drinks, Adult XXX .
HandBag Cake   £80.00
JeanPaul Gautier Purfum Bottle £120.00
Bottle of Champagne Cake £90.00
Large 2 Tier Cake with Ladies
  Cake with Signs  £170.00
 Cake with 5 figures £345.00 


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Tel: 07958109475

More pictures will be uploaded soon......

Picture's shall be uploaded soon if you are in need of a hen party cake call Tel: 07958109475